Men Are Turned Off By… Part 1

October 24, 2013
I  always wondered what characteristics and qualities guys found repulsive in women. So I went on a mission asking single men, men in relationships and married men, of many different ages and backgrounds what their turnoffs are when it comes to women. So Ladies, if you’re wondering why he left you, why he doesn’t like you, or why he doesn’t take you seriously… Chances are the answer is here. Here are the first two responses:


1. Women who need the validation of a man to confirm their self worth. Like yes you may like a particular guy, but if he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, why would you think that you are worthless, and not worthy of good things?

2. WOMEN WHO SMOKE CIGARETTES. I have enough things to worry about with growing old with someone than have to worry about her self inflicting long term illness.

3. Women who center their whole world around their man. It is the MOST FOOLISH thing a woman can do. Not to say you should not cater to him but when even your spare time is only about your man then there is a problem. How can you not have a hobby of your own. How can you not have your own interests. You were born alone for a reason.

4. Women that are always bored.

5. Women who have marriage as their end goal. As in that is all they dream about and that is all they want. They will compromise themselves just to say that they are married. And they are never satisfied unless they are married.

6. Women who use sex as punishment, or some form or reward. Holding out because of time constraints, or because the man “acting up”.



1. Lazy Females is the #1 turn-off in my book because; don’t get me wrong there are a lot of smart women out there but they are lazy to commit to the actions. These women tend to be lazy with everything they do work and even with their own children Example. THIS SHIT… no way in hell my mom would have let this go down. Come on ladies!!! #DIEBITCHDIE

2. No Ambition – Come on now! Have goals in life and not only once a year on New Years. Try to accomplish something other than rolling a blunt, learning how to twerk, or trying to out-shine the other chick. Set your standards and set them high because when you make it to the top, YOU will reap the rewards.

3. Closed-Minded – I know people in NJ that never ever once traveled to NYC or saw the Twin Towers, which is sad. Travel, explore, challenge yourself and experience what the world has to offer because not all is bad. When your open to new opportunities, sky’s the limit. Yes, you will have your ups and downs but never give up!!!

4. Uneducated – No I don’t mean college educated or street-smarts but basic common sense. Without common sense, college nor street-smarts mean nothing because some people may still pull the wool over your eyes. Associate with people that can help you better yourself, if you associate with bad crowd and you’re the brightest of the group it will only spoil your useful habits. Eventually you will turn out just like them and you wouldn’t even notice it.

5. Self Absorbed — Listen I love a woman’s figure, beauty, smarts, attitude everything they have to offer. BUT the body shots all over Facebook, Twitter, or any social media isn’t worth it. Yes it’s great eye candy for men but we look at those women as smash buddies nothing more nothing less (once we bag you, OF COURSE). Other than that, be well mannered and conceal all of those goodies because men will have to get into your head and you can dissect what this dude really wants. YOUR BOOTY or YOUR BEAUTY, Don’t strive to be or present yourself to be the first slice of bread everyone touches but doesn’t want. Standout be different, show your inner Aaliyah, learn from Chanel Monet or Left Eye. All these women grew up in the hood and showed the world they were different, I suggest you do the same.


There you have it…. Part II – Next week Thursday! 
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