6 Things to Do on Valentines Day and Avoid the Weather

February 12, 2016
It is cold in the North-East and  other places. Some of us just do not want to be outdoors and deal with the weather and everything else. Besides Netflix and Chill, Hulu and Hang, and Amazon Prime and Wine; Here are some indoor activity ideas! (They are also budget friendly too)

1. Start Scrap-booking or put together a Photo Album
Everything is online in today’s world, and we just post and publish away.  By putting together a photo album or scrapbook you and your loved can print photos and reminisce on the good times. If you don’t have printed photos or a printer to do so; spend time picking out the photos you would want to print for your album or scrapbook.

2. Make a Music Playlist
There are often times both of you want to listen to music. If you are like my boyfriend and I we DO NOT listen to the same music. It’s an absolute warfare in the car over who controls the Bluetooth/Auxiliary cable. With this you can find mutual ground and music you both can tolerate.

3. Cook/Bake Together
If you are a couple that cooks or one person in the relationship can cook. It’s a great activity to do together, spend some time teaching the other one to cook. If you guys are from different countries/continents, have some more fun and teach your partner how to cook food or a dish from your native country. 
photo credit: 187/365 – Cooking Buddy! via photopin (license)

4. Watch the NBA All Star Game together
Given that either of you are interested in Basketball. Watch some basketball together. Make sure you scream at the television and yell really loudly. 

5. Meditate Together (or Pray Together) 
What’s better than some good old meditation? You and your partner can try doing this together. If you’re not into meditation and you are religious; you can also opt out for an extended prayer session.

photo credit: Picture 029 via photopin (license)

6. Work Out Together
Try working out indoors together; get your body heated and hearts racing. And what’s even more romantic the shower you can enjoy together afterwards?

Happy Valentines Day!
photo credit: Sugar Cookies 2 via photopin (license)
Feel Free to share your indoor activities for Valentines Day. 


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