A Trip to Brotherhood Winery

December 13, 2020

So my boyfriend has been here, and his family, I also enjoyed their wines a few times but I hadn’t visited. Our visit here was unplanned we were in the area and Michael said we should visit, and we did.

They follow NY States regulations very strictly which is great, even though some of it is outdoors they still require masks everywhere on the property with the parking lot as an exception. We didn’t do a tour, not even sure if they were being offered. The wine tasting experience didn’t have the glitz and glamour I’ve experienced, due to the current climate. You were given a sheet with an assigned table number, it had the wines and their descriptions, you circled 5 and handed it to the bar, they prepped put it on a paper plate with identifiers. You were allowed to sit for 30 minutes. I personally enjoyed the experience because I had a great time with who I was with.

We also grabbed a bite at the 1839 Restaurant and Bar. I was blown away with the quality of the food and service.

So if you’re in this area, and eager for some wine tasting definitely check out Brotherhood Winery.


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