A Trip to Straub Brewery

November 8, 2019

After the Presque Isle State Park visit, we made a couple of stops that aren’t detailed enough or have enough photos for a post.

We decided to hop on the Scallywags Pirate Adventures Boat Cruise. This was a boozy blast! I haven’t been on a Booze Cruise since I left my home country of Antigua.

Then we stopped at Schaefer’s Auto Art (Car Creatures).

Straub Brewery

Finally! The post you came here for. This longtime brewery in St Mary’s, Pennsylvania offers free tours most days at the Visitor Center and Tap Room, we visited here first. Then we strolled down to the Gift Shop and Restaurant. Also, did I mention tastings at the Straub Brewery are free? But you do have to pour it for yourself so don’t forget to tilt!

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