The Importance of Gum Dipigmentation

January 10, 2018

You may be wondering what is that or why its needed

Gum Depigmentation, so I pulled this definition and reason from a dental specialist’s website ( As its name suggests, dark gum pigmentation refers to a discoloration, or pigmentation, of the gums in the mouth. The condition can affect the entire gums, or just patches of the gums. Though it is not a life-threatening condition, the quality of your smile can be severely impacted if it goes left untreated. Since the gums are a visible frame around your teeth, gum discoloration can have a negative impact on the overall attractiveness of your smile, as well as your self-confidence. For this reason, this cosmetic procedure is becoming more and more popular among those interested in modifying their physical facial appearance. 

So I never knew this procedure was a thing, or even existed. When I was about 7, I finally asked my dentist why some of my gums were dark and why there were dark patches on my tongue. He explained to me that it was caused by the presence of melanin, which is also what makes our skin darker. Whoa! I learned why I was black!!

I smile a lot and I show all my teeth and gums. My teeth aren’t the absolute straightest, but close to it. So my mom nor dentist didn’t push braces on me.

I’m 25 now and I’ll be 26 next week. All l have been told is how beautiful my smile is.

Whether people liked my smile or not, I’d still smile because I love my smile. Smiling gets me through a lot, my forced/fake smiles become real, forcing me to laugh. Smiling is f**king therapeutic to me.

I remember walking to an old long-term job in Grand Central, on days when I leave the subway not smiling there are people such as police officers, military men, and shoe polisher who have stopped me asking “What’s wrong? I look forward to your beautiful smile at me in the mornings” And have gone into great details about my great smile.

However on the Third of January, 2018, while at Sam’s Club in Elmsford waiting on my mother in law, someone said to me “You have a nice smile, have you considered gum de-pigmentation?” I said thank you and no. I love my gums and smile.

Here’s My Smile because I love it!

This led me to go research gum de-pigmentation, because I didn’t know what TF it was. I am not upset it’s a thing, I’m just shocked to realize something that I have loved about myself for so long is something that impacts the smile, self-esteem and self-confidence of others.

I do understand that some people develop dark gums over a period of time and it may be due to certain diseases, so they won’t be comfortable with it and need to have it fixed. This post isn’t for you.

So if you’re comfortable with yourself, don’t allow anyone to tell you to change anything about yourself or that it isn’t beautiful.

People don’t always say this to your face, it’s suggestive on social media too. Don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

  • You need to fix your gapped tooth
  • Your dark gums
  • Your freckled tongue
  • Or anything about you.

You are beautiful!


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