A Trip to WindMill Hot Dogs

April 16, 2019

I visited another new to me restaurant.

WindMill Hot Dogs of Belmar.

So my boyfriend is a hotdog enthusiast! If he eats a crappy tasting hot dog its a full-blown rant and if it’s good he’ll never shut up about it. He took me to enjoy WindMill Hotdogs for the first time.

Food and Drinks

So had a Wild West burger and Vanilla shake and had some of my boyfriend’s hot dog with cheese because well it’s a hot dog place. Had to try the hot dog.

The Decor

The decor was diner-like, casual and bright. The facilities were ridiculously clean I must point out as well. We went on a late Monday afternoon in Mid March so it wasn’t packed or anything. My boyfriend informed me its a packed place during the summer time.

Final Thoughts: I definitely want to go back here and I most likely will, my boyfriend loves this place. You should check out their locations and visit if one is near you.


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