Advice on Dating Someone from a Different Culture

April 12, 2019

So everyone I’ve dated has been from a different culture. Not on purpose though. My long term relationship in Antigua was with someone from the Dominican Republic. Living in America since 18 everyone I’ve dated is from a different culture also. As a master cross cultural dater (I’m coining myself that) I have some advice for you mostly based on things I’ve done or would/would have had done for me.

  1. Don’t compare them to people of your own culture and insist on how much better they are. It is not impressive at all.
  2. Don’t dismiss their feelings or lead a subject with their nationality. Example: “You only feel that way because you’re an Antiguan
  3. Your sense of humor may be entirely different, be sure to understand that and do not force it. Being attentive is key.
  4. People will make rude jokes, or jokes you used to make would no longer be funny. These jokes may stem from stereotypes that are untrue, annoying and of shitty taste.
  5. Evaluate the opinions or remarks of your close friends and family closely. People are always going to have an opinion on who you date, especially in the beginning. But when dating someone from a different culture you may see the xenophobia appear in their remarks.
  6. It may be difficult or extremely easy to get along with or be around their family. Though your significant other may be more open-minded towards your culture, their family may not be.
  7. The way you view the world will be different. Even more so than dating from someone in your own culture due to having totally different upbringings.
  8. Take them to places or suggest doing things that may remind them of home. Even if you miss the mark they will be happy you tried. You can even try making a traditional meal for them.
  9. You might start to feel like a foreigner too. Depending on how much of an interest you’ve taken in their culture.
  10. With every relationship, you should put yourself first. You may get lost in a relationship, when countries, cultures, and foreign languages are involved, it gets even more baffling. Always put yourself first. Make sacrifices and compromises but do not sacrifice yourself.

I hope my Advice on Dating Someone from a Different Culture is helpful

Since I’m in a cross-cultural and interracial relationship. I’ll throw in some pictures of Michael and me.

Fell free to drop your own advice or opinions below on cross cultural dating.


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