Blogmas 2018 Day 23 – Christmas Nails

December 24, 2018

I totally forgot to share my nails with you. Forgive me but I literally did my nails then went on a cleaning spree (I’ll mostly like redo my nails and do something totally different and I will definitely share with you guys) 

Here’s what I used to achieve these Red and gold Christmas Nails.

  • Red Nail polish
  • Gold Nail Transfer Foil
  • Transfer Foil Adhesive
  • Top Coat
  1. Apply Base coat if desired let dry and then apply red nail polish and let dry.
  2. Apply foil adhesive lightly to the ends of your nails and apply a few dots in the middle and edges for effect
  3. Apply the top coat and let dry (Be sure to apply the top coat again after drying if you intend to do a lot of chores) 


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