Very Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

October 30, 2017

Because you don’t care and at the very last minute decided you’d like to get drunk… 

(Guess who isn’t in the Halloween Mood this year? Yup! Me)  Well here are these

Very Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Trash
  2. Split Photo – Creativity is endless with this. Go crazy with your make up. Ideas: Before and after botched plastic surgery, regular makeup vs drag make up, no make up with make, the list goes on. 
  3. Guilt Tripper – You can be anything here once it makes someone else feel like shit. 
  4. Life gave you Lemons. Grab a white shirt write “Life” with a permanent on the front and grab a bag of lemons. Also comes in handy for your drinks later. 
  5. Basic Ghost. Grab a white sheet or any light colored sheet drape it over yourself. Cut out where your eyes should be so you can see. Be careful please get help if you can. Pinch the sheet at your chest area and write “Basic” with a permanent marker. If you have help just have them write it for you. 

That’s all I have for you. Stay safe and have fun! 


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