Blogmas 2018 Day 9 – Things I’m Grateful for This Christmas

My actual last great Christmas/Holiday Season I truly enjoyed was in 2012.

However this Holiday, I can admit that I’m happier than usual and I’m actually looking forward to Christmas Day, and the other celebrations and possibly starting a new tradition(s).

I don’t actually spend Christmas with my own family I’m mostly a loner in the US when it comes to my blood relatives. My brother does live somewhat close though.

The last few Christmases I’ve spent with my exes family, his family was always fun to be around but my ex-boyfriend was a Grinch during the holidays so it kinda made it less enjoyable for me.

I won’t go on much longer about shitty Christmases. Let me get into what I’m grateful for this Christmas:

  1. I have a job and I can afford to buy things for the people I love.
  2. At this time my boyfriend and I already made plans for Christmas that I’m excited about. (Did I mention I met his parents?) 
  3. Everyone else close to me is in great health. It’s a blessing!
  4. I’m still in great health and working on my fitness.
  5. I live alone now and I’ve pretty much gotten used to it, and I love it.

I am in like some serious Christmas bliss this year! 😀 




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