Blogmas 2018 Day 3 – Doggy Christmas Gift Ideas and Winter Guide

December 3, 2018

Do dogs know it’s Christmas? Probably not.  For Christmas, I usually get Charlie what he needs or what I need him to have for Christmas. 

Doggy Christmas Gift Ideas and Winter Guide

  1. Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax. Ok not really a gift, but if your dog hates wearing boots or booties this is a gift for them. Charlie usually tries to take his boots off vs playing with other dogs. (This is not sponsored but I figured I would just share this tip)
  2. New Brain Stimulation Toy. Any interactive toy, with or without treats will do. This is Charlie’s 2nd Christmas I am getting him a new interactive toy that’s harder than the one he has now
  3. New Christmas Themed Stuffed Animal. Your dog gets a new Christmas toy and you get a fresh stuffed animal to take pictures for him with. Win-Win!
  4. More Treats and Cookies. Get your dog more of the treats they like or perhaps something new. If you are near a store like Petco that sells cookies, they may have inexpensive holiday-themed cookies and treats. 
  5. His Favorite Activity Treat. Charlie likes Pig Ears and Primal Bones. So On Christmas Day, I allow him to enjoy both! 
  6. New Christmas Coat or Sweater. Some dogs love sweaters and coats, mine doesn’t but he’s subjected to a puffer jacket when it’s muddy. (It’s easier to clean the jacket than him) 

So that’s the end of the guide and gift list. On Christmas Charlie just gets an extra long morning walk with playtime at the park, extra treats, and new toys and that’s pretty much the tradition now until I switch it up. 

What do you get your dog for Christmas other than the basics? Do you do anything special? Feel free to share your doggy Christmas traditions too. 


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