8 Things You Shouldn’t Put Up With, in a Relationship

October 3, 2018

Some people put up with a lot in relationships, and some things are worth it. These are 8 things you shouldn’t put up with, in a relationship:

  1. Unreasonable Jealousy –  If your significant other worries about you cheating on them when you’re just heading out to pick up ice cream. Then that’s extreme and is rooted in some major insecurities. Jealousy is fine, but it shouldn’t be stifling.
  2. Lying – I don’t think this needs much of an explanation.
  3. Putting Your Needs Last All the Time – Your needs always take the back burner to your significant other, that’s not okay. Yes things collide and something may have to come before the other, but you shouldn’t always take the backseat. Whether you make less money than your significant other that shouldn’t matter either.
  4. Being Shamed About Your Past Life – Your current partner brings up your life before them and shames you for it. We’ve all done stupid things and the person we’re with has no need to be judgemental about it.
  5. Emotional or Physical Abuse – This is without negotiation: Your partner is either emotionally or physically abusive, then you should leave your relationship immediately and without question.
  6. Repeated Infidelity – I mentioned this in many posts how I feel about people dealing with Infidelity. It’s not something you should deal with.
  7. Lack of Support – You shouldn’t have to deal with a partner who doesn’t support your dreams. He/She should be your biggest fan in what you do and encourages you.
  8. Hot and Cold Behavior and Constant Bickering – every couple argues. Dealing with someone who is inconsistent with their own darn feelings is ridiculous. Don’t smother me with attention this morning and be cold with me in the afternoon.

Hope you enjoyed reading  8 Things You Shouldn’t Put Up With, in a relationship.

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  • Carrey I really like this.This exactly what one should not put up with when in an intimate relationship. For more of relationship hacks,kindly check commonafricangirl.com
    October 3, 2018 at 1:43 PM Reply
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