A Trip to Olive Garden

April 2, 2019

Yes Olive Garden made it on here! Why is Olive Garden on this list? Because it was my first time going!

As previously stated – A Trip to is me telling you about my first visit to anywhere really, it could be a restaurant, bar, gym, hotel, city, town, fair, event, etc. Sharing all details and information I have with you!\, and hopefully if you’ve been to this place you’ll tell me things I can do or try the next time!

So beware there are many other popular chain restaurants I have not been to, and when I do they’ll probably be on my blog in this series.

Details about the Olive Garden Location I Visited

I visited the location in Woodbridge Township, NJ on a Thursday night at around 8 pm.

My first impression was oh an Italianesque Applebees! And I was there for it! My boyfriend said he was doing unlimited pasta and breadsticks and I, of course, joined him on that venture. I planned to eat a lot… I expected to go through about 3 bowls of pasta and have one to go but after one round of pasta, breadsticks, and sangria I was full.

When visiting chain restaurants you expect the food to be a certain way. Mass produced tasting like, lol. What makes it or breaks it for me with chain restaurants are the staff. Each restaurant is unique but what makes the difference is definitely the staff. But if I go to one and the service is bad I probably won’t ever return.

I am sure many of you have been to Olive Garden, and if you haven’t you should. Don’t let the people who say “fake Italian food” stop you, it might not be food made in Italy or by Italians or authentic or whatever! But it is good food. Fattening, great for a cheat meal but it’s some decent food.

However here are some photos from A Trip to Olive Garden


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