First Beach Experience

July 2, 2018

You probably read that and wondered WTF! You are from the Caribbean. You have been to the beach!

However I meant my first beach experience in the U.S. I lived here for  8 years and never went to the beach. I almost went to the beach the first time in 2010 but I didn’t go and I guess I was never that interested in going.

I ended up going to Brighton Beach with friends randomly and it was overall a great experience.

I am not sure if all beaches here have boardwalks but they are pretty cool. I loved all the different restaurants and food options available on the beach.  I was also shocked at how the beach was so packed. Because of that my expectations for the water was here. However I was shocked when I got to the water, it was dark green and murky. I didn’t want to go in at all, but it was so hot and there were people in the water so I figured it couldn’t be that bad. 

The water was freezing, I was in shock, however once you just get in and dunk your body in the water it’s fine. I was scared I’d get cut or step on something the entire time. It was so weird for me being in water that wasn’t clear. 

Apart from he total shock and differences I enjoyed my time at the beach. I do plan to go to a different beach in the future so we’ll see how that goes. 

Wait a minute! I have pictures. lol

Food from Tatiana’s Restaurant and Grill


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