Dead Giveaways that his Desire is to Commit to you Long Term

July 11, 2018

You recently started dating and you’re in that phase where you haven’t discussed where you are, you both just know you want to give it a shot at some point and you enjoy each others company.

Here are some Dead Giveaways that his Desire is to Commit to you Long Term:

  1. He uses “we” and “us” more often than he uses you and me. He starts to see both of you as one unit and two separate entities. 
  2. You are a priority. He chooses to spend time with you vs with other people and doing other things and/or he makes sure he makes the time to spend with you and it’s a big deal to him. 
  3. He is publicly affectionate. He holds hands, hugs you, kisses you in public. For people from the outside it appears as if you are in a committed relationship already. 
  4. He makes future plans with you and talks about doing things in the future with you. 
  5. He doesn’t play stupid games. There aren’t any weird tests and games. He doesn’t leave you wondering. He doesn’t try to make you jealous or any of that nonsense. 
  6. He lets you in. He’s open about his feelings and his life. He lets you know what is going on with him. If he’s upset you’ll most likely know; he already sees you as a partner and a person he can confide in. 

A guy who wants to commit to you will show you at least a few of these signs. And as always you can wait for the right to time simply just ask him where everything is going. 


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