How to Get Rid of A Person You Are Not Interested In

March 27, 2015
Do you have that person or people who contact you constantly but you are not interested in for whatever reason? 

You can handle these situations in many ways, depends on how much you care or don’t care about that person’s feelings. However you always do this honestly and as straight forward as possible. But here are two;
The Realest Way

You simply say how you feel. Probably “I am not interested in you, I would never be and would prefer for you not to pursue me anymore”. Or perhaps you just got out of a relationship and you’re not ready to date yet. Whatever it is you let that person know honestly. There are many things that can happen by handling the situation this way.
  • The person on the receiving end offers a friendship. This person is placing themselves in the friend-zone willingly. This is always questionable. Accepting this is up to you; you may either become great friends or  just have someone who is just waiting for the right moment to hop out the friend-zone. 
  • The person on the receiving end may not deal with rejection well. Being from the Caribbean you might get something like “Gyal me na care wa yuh say mi haffi get you one day” or something like “I’m going to make you want me” – I dunno. You can always apply The Block and Delete explained later. An order of protection might be appropriate too, people are crazy.   
(Make sure you are not turning down a great guy because you’re interested in someone with a girlfriend – pathetic)

The Block and Delete

This way you do not say anything to this person. Block and Delete this person from all Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, or whatever you use. Do not forget the messaging apps like Kik, Blackberry Messenger and WhatsApp. Call your phone company and have their numbers barred from calls and text. I have a Galaxy “Add to reject list” or “Add to spam numbers” works well. At this point you pretty much hope the  person gets the point. This works best if this is someone you can avoid and would not see again. 


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