How to Enjoy and Be the Single Friend

November 30, 2017

Okay. You’re single. Your friends are married, in committed relationships or even have kids. 

So instead of being jealous or sorry for yourself here a some quick tips on 

How to Enjoy and Be the Single Friend

  1. Avoid Being the Third Wheel.
    Say no to the couple events or going to places where they would be all coupled up, wrapped into each other and having their own little conversations. (Unless it’s a birthday, important event or there’s free alcohol go pre-game there) Go and do single shit, and be in an atmosphere where you can be  apart of the conversations. 
  2. Don’t get too invested in their romantic lives. Don’t plan their wedding. But sit back enjoy all the gossip
  3. Make new friends; don’t toss your friends aside because they are in relationships; but instead make new friends with single and like minded people. 
  4. Understand you have the fun apartment.

    You can always be the host, you’re the life of the party and they will always want to come over because it’s just you and they love how free and not tied down you are.
  5. You also get called to go out more

    because your schedule is more flexible and you can simply make a decision right away because you don’t have to divide your time with someone else. You get called to take a girls trip to Spain before any of the other friends.
  6. You come and go when you want. You can stay out as late as you want, you also you don’t have to leave early because your partner is there also and wasted out of their mind. Or your boyfriend’s mom is having a party so you have to go. 
  7. Ignore the social media memes and depictions of “happy couples”.

    Don’t buy into the nonsense; all they try to do is try to make you feel like you need to be in a relationship to be happy. So if things like romantic comedies, magazines with couples and so on get to you. Avoid them. 
  8. You learn from their relationships. You get to watch and learn first hand. You also develop new standards for what you’d want your relationship to be like.

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