How Working from Home Improved My Self Care

December 31, 2021

So I wasn’t a huge fan of working from home over a year ago. The whole idea upset me and I felt like it would hinder my way of life. I only looked at the negative effects of working from home. But a lot has changed and I’ve embraced it. I’ve even moved out of NYC to Wisconsin. With the new year upon us, I reflected and I must say working from home Improved my self-care.

Since working remotely my relaxation and self-care routines have been better and more consistent.

I’ve improved my self-care routines in the following ways.

  1. I’ve taken great care of my house plants and added more to my home. If I forget to water them instead of waiting until I get home and forgetting again, I am able to just do it right away.
  2. Relaxing Baths during the work day. So there’s a few things I do during lunch time instead of eating, because I just eat while I work. A relaxing bath is one of my top things to do.
  3. I also catch up on sleep during lunch hours comfortably in my bed.
  4. I sometimes get in a quick workout during my lunch hour.
  5. I can light relaxing candles, burn incenses and sage while working.
  6. My Medications. So I take meds for my PCOS and like my plants I forget. I did download apps to remind me but I’m now never in a situation where my meds are at home and I’m at work when my reminders alarm.
  7. I communicated much better with everyone. Instead of not picking up calls or waiting until I got home to speak to friends and family, I was able to make quick calls during breaks.

Do you work remotely? How has it benefitted you? Or do you hate working from home? Comment and let me know.


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