I Joined Tinder

May 22, 2018

So I Joined Tinder

I am not the one for online dating, or dating apps but I figured I’d see what the hype is.

So I downloaded the app. For some reason my internet connection was slow or this was just a really huge download.

I signed up with my Facebook, my Facebook has had my incorrect age on purpose for years and it wouldn’t allow me to change it on Tinder. But whatever I’m only two years younger.

My thoughts on Tinder before I joined: 

So; I must say any and every dating app can be a hook up app… It gets it’s reputation based on what people use it for. I have heard some people say ‘Oh people just look for sex there” I know people who use Tinder looking for relationships and have had relationships with people they met on Tinder that weren’t just casual  or hook ups.

I figured I am skilled enough to filter through the bullshit. 

My First Two Weeks Into Tinder:

  1. People are shy AF. My matches talk to me but seem scared, or they don’t talk to me at all.
  2. People are kinda honest with the fact they are looking for sugar babies, FWB and flings. 
  3. I realized that I don’t really see myself with anyone under 35… Because deep down inside I’m an old grandma in a 26 year old’s body. 
  4. I forget about this app I swipe like 4 times and i’m over it. I kinda wish there was a list vs the current layout.
  5. People who I haven’t matched with found me on Facebook or my Instagram… Found it slightly creepy BUT I mean I appreciate people going out their way to talk to me. 

My First Tinder Meet and Greet: 

So I told him about my blog… and he asked me if he was an experiment. Which he isn’t… and I wasn’t going to write this piece because well I don’t want him to feel like he’s an experiment. This is my real life.  My first Tinder meet and greet was great, I had fun, he was the perfect gentleman and well I hope for a second date. 


  1. I mean just ask people WTF they want with your presence in their lives.
  2. Tell them what you want. 
  3. Post real and recent pictures of yourself.
  4. Let them know off the bat what’s up with your life and not waste time. – This last tip is iffy.. sometimes it’s good to hold off… but I mean for me I don’t want to go liking someone, then telling them; well I’m legally separated from an abusive husband no where to be found and my ex bf hasn’t completely moved out yet. and then get ghosted.. So I say that right away… 

So my overall views based on Tinder based on my personal experience is that it’s not bad.. Catfishing and Hook-Up Culture can exist on any app. Even the ones where you fill out a whole profile and do a test. 


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