No Text Back…

October 12, 2017

So sometimes you’re into someone, you just met and you start texting, because that’s what most of us do nowadays. Sometimes you don’t get a text back. Oh guys the 36% of you who read my blog and follow me on Social Media this is for you too.

Here’s How to Handle It When There is No Text Back :

  1. Do not send threats and angry messages.
  2. Don’t send a bunch of cute messages either after not getting a response. Just wait and see.
  3. Easy with the essays! Don’t send a lengthy message(s) about whatever; telling a sad story, making desperate plans, etc.
  4. Do not post statuses or pictures complaining about the person didn’t text you back. They are either busy or don’t care and you look desperate.
  5. If the person posts a status update or picture; don’t comment throwing shade or complaining about not getting a text back. Just leave them alone.

Pretty much give it some time, you can try reaching out a few days later. Just don’t blow up their phones and try to stay on their radar. 

If they never text back; move on 


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