Kill Time at Work

June 11, 2016
Do you have a desk job? Some free time, but you have to stay at your desk?

Well, here is a list of things you can do to use your time productively or just waste it. You decide. You may have ended up on this blog because you are already doing some of these things.

Your options may vary on whether you have access to non work related websites, and utilities.

  1. Meal Plan: Plan your dinner; lunch for tomorrow; find recipes online, learn how to make something new, or put together a grocery list. 
  2. Workout Plan: Put together a workout plan, search for new workouts, watch videos on how to do them.
  3. Read: Are you a Kindle User? Hop on over to the Kindle Cloud Reader and continue to read your books there. You can utilize Google Books or even visit the website of your favorite magazines.
  4. Online Shopping: Shop! Shop! Shop! Most of your favorite stores are available online. Knock yourself out!
  5. Start a blog… My blog started while I was bored at work!
  6. Plan your birthday: Not necessarily a party, but what you would want to do. Your birthday might be far away, but it doesn’t matter. You can go ahead and make 2 or more different types of plans.
  7. Plan an Outing: Plan an outing with friends, or your partner. You can start checking out things to do and even start making reservations.
  8. Travel Plans: Plan a trip; whether it’s near or far, plan away. Check out plane ticket prices, hotel accommodations, or learn about the culture of your desired destination.
  9. Learn Another Language: Start learning another language – I won’t provide links – to take up more time start doing your own research.
  10. Meditate: If you are able to. Why not?
  11. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, wait.. The list goes on. Login and watch the time fly.
  12. Learn a New skill: There are many new things you can learn online by reading articles or watching videos. Learn how to make a new dish, sew, do makeup, a hair style, enhance your car, fix your computer or even woodwork.


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