Life Hack Naahs

January 4, 2018

I am so tired of seeing these condescending posts about how I am doing something wrong or how to solve a problem no one ever had except one idiot.

  1. Pancake Batter in Squeeze Bottles so I feel like a lot of batter equivalent to a whole pancake gets lost during this process. Pouring it in the bottle, some is lost through spillage or in the darn funnel, then there’s batter in the bottle you can’t scrape out because well it’s a bottle and a scraper won’t fit. Making the batter in a bowl with a spout is more practical for me. 
    Photo via WikiHow
  2. Keep changing colleges to get free Amazon Prime… I don’t think I need to explain myself here.
  3. Using A Can Opener to Open Packaging. Ok. This Works but If I don’t have scissors why TF Do you think I’ll have a can opener? Scissors are more common than freaking can openers
  4. Eating an apple from bottom to top. So I don’t “waste” 30% of it. First of all, I’m a human not a horse. I don’t hate myself so I’m not eating an apple core, seeds and the nasty dirt filled stem.
  5. Peeling a Banana Backwards Like a Monkey. Another act suggesting you do something like an animal. I think the f**k not. I have had no issue or life delays peeling my banana from the stem.

  6. Another Banana tip is to open the banana from the middle, and popping it out so you don’t have to peel it. So now you gotta get a knife and dirty more f**king dishes! There was on recipe where something similar was done, but they banana wasn’t removed, they added peanut butter and chocolate chips! Then there’s the grilled s’more banana. That is genius!

    via Neighbor Food Blog – Link also to Recipe

That’s it for. If you see a life hack scroll past it! Unless it’s a cure for cancer or something. Life hacks are for gullible, people. Don’t let these people use these condescending tones telling you, you’re doing something wrong. You’re doing exactly how TF you want!


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