You Make Yourself Fat, Not Athletes

October 9, 2013
The new scapegoat for people gaining weight are Famous Athletes! Some study says Sports stars are making society fat with all their junk food endorsements. I first heard this on NBC Nightly News; I complained about it on Facebook in a status saying

These news people annoy me. If an athlete endorses junk food why is it a problem? It’s up to people to watch what they eat and eat junk in moderation. Peyton Manning keep buying up all those Papa Johns, Serena and Le Bron endorse McDonald’s as needed. America needs to have their residents be responsible for themselves.

Then a friend of mine sent me an article on the Bleacher Report.  Which then again pissed me off, sought of.

But really? Athletes do things like running and exercising. How about copying that?

People need to be responsible for their own actions. You eat junk because you want to! 

What are your thoughts?


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