Why Do People Have Commitment Issues

February 6, 2018


Issues…. This is a term that is used so vaguely and loosely, it’s always just “I have Commitment Issues” but no further explanation is ever given. Issues are to be resolved.

Here are some reasons, you can form questions from these to ask someone if they ever say they experience Commitment Issues.

  1. They refuse to change their lifestyle. Some people are set in their current life and how it is, they know being in a committed relationship affects that so instead of making changes and compromises they rather keep things casual.
  2. Already Committed. So this is an issue but they won’t come right out and tell you this. It’s pretty hard to commit when you’re already committed.
  3. Staying Open. So sometimes it’s just because they don’t want to commit to you (yet). Some people like to keep their options open and not just settle. If you figure this out, RUN! Don’t ever resort to being an option, and a settlement. Check out this post.
  4. Fear of Rejection. Some people fear rejection, or they fear that at some point you’ll reject them after they have committed to you. Possibly because it’s happened before. You can try to reassure them but this needs to be addressed internally within themselves.
  5. Fear of Failure. After a fleet of failed relationships or even just one failed relationship that you completely gave your all too, committing is difficult for some, even if it’s been over a year or two. Entering something that you feel like you won’t excel in is difficult.
  6. Independence. This one is going to tell from my own experiences. After landing a job months before I graduated, and finding the perfect Brooklyn apartment I did not want to commit to anyone. I didn’t want anyone to take care of me. No I wasn’t quitting my job, or moving or anything but I just felt like a serious relationship would make me less independent.

What other reasons do you think someone might not commit?


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  • Pupil of Love Those are majority of reasons why most won't commit. The gag is, to let others know that up front so there won't be no misunderstandings
    February 6, 2018 at 7:25 AM Reply
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