Signs You’re Too Wrapped Up in Your Relationship

March 8, 2019

So you should be invested in your relationship… But what if you’re just too wrapped up in it? That’s possible… And sadly we only realize we’ve been too wrapped up when we become single and have zero sense of who we are.

Signs You’re Too Wrapped Up in Your Relationship

  1. You Pass Up on Opportunities for Them. Some opportunities are okay to pass up in a relationship. You can’t jump on every wagon and do single stuff in a relationship. But whether its a girl’s night, a girl’s getaway, passing up extra responsibilities at work, or a career shift, etc. Passing up on too many opportunities especially your life long goals means you may be too wrapped up in your relationship.
  2. Alone Time Doesn’t Exist. You never have alone time. You spend your free time with your bf always and never any time for yourself anymore.
  3. Your Friends and Family Complain About Not Seeing You. Not only do you not spend time alone you also don’t hang out with or see friends and family as much as you used to or at all.
  4. Other Areas of Your Life are Deteriorating. Missed deadlines, neglected priorities, absence from social gatherings, and the list goes on.
  5. You Changed Your Opinions and Views to Match Theirs. You’ve given up your voice, for whatever reason, fear, intimidation or just to keep the relationship intact.
  6. You Defer From Things You Love Because They Don’t. It might be as simple as not eating a certain food your partner doesn’t like it. I don’t mean avoiding food because your partner is allergic but something your partner doesn’t like.

Have you ever been too wrapped up in a relationship or have been around someone who is? Share your experience or other signs of being too wrapped up in a relationship.


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