Social Media Posts to Expect on Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2018

Each year on Valentine’s Day I come to expect to see certain types of posts, here they are and what I think of them.

Social Media Posts to Expect on Valentine’s Day

  1. The Home Cooked Meal. I actually like seeing these posts, well the Instagram worthy over the top ones, that aren’t struggle plates. I’d wonder if they don’t cook on other days but when you work for long hours, and probably can’t find a babysitter, that intimate dinner at 11:00 PM with your significant other is amazing. 
  2. The Valentine’s Date Photos. I wanna see outfits, restaurants, food, makeup and all of it. 
  3. The Side Chic Concerned Posts. You know those posts where everyone suddenly wants to give you insight on if you’re the side bitch. NO ONE ASKED YOU! 
  4. The Do You Only Get Gifts on Valentine’s Day Posts. Oh yeah, People make a point to ask if yo only get gifts on Valentine’s Day. STFU, if someone is fine getting gifts once a year let them be. You should get a life for the entire year. 
  5. The Valentine’s Day Conspiracy Posts. You know the one’s saying Valentine’s Day is a scam and what not. 
  6. The Valentine’s Day Hauls. The Teddy Bears, Chocolate, Shopping Sprees, etc. You know what I am hear for it! All the photography skills being showed off, flat-lays, and table-scapes. 
  7. Kid’s Aren’t Your Valentine’s Posts. Excuse the f**k outta me. If my kid that I don’t have, makes me a card in school, he or she is my darn Valentine. If I decide to paw paint with Charlie, and make my dog my Valentine, He’s my damn Valentine. 
  8. Engagement Announcements. Yes to all of this! Congratulations! 
  9. The Single Girl/Guy Posts. These posts come out in many other forms that I may have already mentioned. But hen there is those that attempt to make you feel bad for celebrating Valentine’s Day and having someone. The I’m going to the gym while you’re eating chocolate getting fat. I’m going to the gym and I might get some damn chocolate too. Then there’s the he’s lying to you and what not posts, you’re lying to your damn self, we know you’re not happy. 

I am kinda just over the negativity on and around Valentine’s Day. This is not an attack on single people. People in relationships post negative s**t on Valentine’s Day too. I’m just tired of people attempting to make others feel bad for celebrating it and all of that other bullshit. I am totally over it. 


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