13 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Laid

November 21, 2017

You’re trying to get laid or perhaps have a casual relationship but it’s not happening no matter how hard you try.

Here are 13 reasons why this is probably happening:

  1. You lack confidence. You do not view yourself in a positive light or believe in yourself.
  2. You’re a f**kin pussy. You don’t want to get rejected or perhaps you can’t handle it so you don’t even try hard enough.
  3. You are incredibly boring. You have limited life experiences and knowledge. You probably only know about videos and or sports or perhaps your job. Try reading, traveling and exploring life beyond your comfort zones.
  4. You do not know how to build interest. You are inept at talking to girls in a way that builds attraction.
  5. You haven’t mastered your look. You still dress like you did in High School or College. You haven’t improved your look in anyway, by switching up your wardrobe, experimenting with different hair cuts and beard options.
  6. You have bad hygiene. Your breath stinks, and/or you smell bad. You may be good looking and fun but no one would want to sleep with you if your breath smells like Cook’s Dump (Landfill in Antigua)
  7. You don’t take care of yourself. You don’t work out or go the extra step grooming yourself.
  8. You limit your prospect pool. You only try to speak to girls in certain social circles like after work socials or groups. You also rely on getting some sought of an introduction versus just walking up to a girl your attracted to in a coffee shop or grocery store.
  9. You believe you have to be friends with a girl first instead of just jumping to what you really want.
  10. You are not persistent. You are too laid back, you probably rely on your looks and give up too easily.
  11. You are needy AF. You contact her way too often and more than she contacts you. You lose your shit and panic if she doesn’t call you back right away.
  12. You have no sense of humor. You are unable to make girl laugh or understand when she trying to make a joke.
  13. You’re a tight ass. You don’t know how to just relax and be cool. Women can sense the anxiety coming off you and it’s off putting. .

This was 13 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Laid



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