What I Ate This Week E.7

November 18, 2017

This week on

What I Ate This Week

I start counting calories! Yup! I always said counting calories was time consuming and a waste of time. I was wrong; it is time consuming because I measure and weigh everything but it is not a waste of time. My goals are to stay under 1500 kcals. Eventually I hope to master 1000 a day without feeling hungry AF .

Also Each grand total is not entirely accurate. I probably might have drank something and forgot or ate a gummy worm and didn’t log it. Also I high balled the take out food. Also Some foods that are grouped together as a meal were spaced out. It was just easier to calculate grouped together. But all the days grand totals are accurate.

Be forewarned the pictures in this post are lacking.


1st Meal: Baby Carrots (1/2 cup) 35 kcal and Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (1 tbsp) 70 kcal
Total: 105 kcal

2nd Meal: Tuna Sandwich
1 Can of Bumblebee Albacore Tuna – 120 kcal
1/4 cup of non fat yogurt – 34 kcal
4 slices Nature’s Harvest Honey 7 Grain – 300 kcal

Total: 454 kcal

Drinks: Coconut Water – 45 kcal
Total: 45 kcal

3rd Meal: So I had three servings of Corn Pops and Fat Free Milk (not all at once) . (1 cup Corn Pops and 1/2 cup of Milk) 160 kcal by 3
Total: 480 kcal

Monday’s Grand Total: 979 kcal


1st Meal: Corn Pops and Milk – 180 kcal
Total: 180 kcal

2nd Meal: KFC Famous Bowl – 740 kcal 
2 Pieces of Chicken – 410
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – 120
1 Slice Chocolate Chip Cake – 380
Coconut Water – 45 kcal
Total: 1695 kcal

Tuesday’s Grand Total: 1875 kcal – I definitely racked them up today.


1st Meal: Shake: 1 cup oatmeal – 300 kcal, 1 cup fat free milk – 90 kcal, 1 banana – 105

Total: 495

2nd Meal: 1 can tuna – 120 kcal, 1 tbsp mayo – 100 kcal (Should have used yogurt), 5 lettuce leaves – lets go 4 kcal per leaf and say 20 kcal total for the lettuce.

Total: 180

3rd Meal: More Corn Pops!!! 200 kcal

Wednesday’s Grand Total: 875


1st Meal: 4 Pancakes lets say 140 calories per. – 560 kcal

2nd Meal: Ordered Take Out  3 Tacos 150 kcal per – 450 kcal, Enchiladas with Rice – 250 kcal – Total: 700

Thursday’s Grand Total: 1260 kcal


1st Meal: Pancakes, Eggs and Bacon (Take Out) – 450 kcal

2nd Meal: Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel – 310 kcal

3rd Meal: Pepperoni Pizza with Onions (Take Out) – 1168 kcal (I didn’t eat this all at once, I had two slices then two hours later another two slices)

Friday’ Grand Total: 1930 kcal

You may ask do I plan to keep counting calories? Yes I do. I realized that I did more reading of what was in my food because I was making and effort to read the nutrition facts.
Next Week I will work on some greener plates, I plan to replace each meal with a salad! 


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