3 Tips to Tackle Living With Your Partner

November 25, 2017

Living with your partner is exciting.

You guys finally planned to move in together. You’re taking the next big step in your relationship. Yay! I am also sure you’ve seen people move in together and then they break up immediately or they are miserable together.

Well here are some tips and advice to living with your partner drama free:

  1. Make sure you are moving in together because both of you are ready. Not because it’s practical like it’s cheaper for you, your lease is almost up, your rent is going up or you are not getting along with a roommate or something. 
  2. Set ground rules and discuss expectations. Let your partner know you expect them to clean up after themselves, not leave clothing all over, ensure that milk is always in the refrigerator, not come into the kitchen when you are cooking etc. Don’t expect this person to know what you want. talk about it.
    1. Discuss that you want to maintain your own identity and life. Yes you are together and living together but you may want to do things by yourself. 
    2. Discuss guests and overnights. Discuss times you’ll have company over and for how long. Personally I hated coming home from work and there are guests over. I like stripping in my hallway and walking around nude. 
  3. Don’t get an apartment or space designed for one person. If you are renting together ensure that the apartment is designed for a couple. (I lived in a one bedroom and living with another person would not work. I now live in another one bedroom with my partner and it is geared for two, with two large closets and so on)  If your partner is moving in with you or your are moving in with them and the apartment is geared to one person definitely tackle item two more intensely. 


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