5 Fall Trends to Watch Out For

October 5, 2018

While autumn in places like Miami often means it’s still bikini weather, and skimpy outfits on or off the beach in the city’s hopping nightclubs, in most places that change of season brings crisper temperatures, the changing of the leaves and the opportunity to go shopping for fun fall fashion trends from cozy sweaters to over-the-knee boots.

What fashion trends should you watch for this season?

Boho Clothing

Think “hippy” style this year, with all sorts of protests from anti-sexism to LGBTQ rights making boho clothing particularly chic. Boho, or Bohemian, as you surely know by now, applies those who live a more unconventional, often artistic kind of life. It’s characterized by things like colorful peasant blouses and long flowing skirts, fringed handbags and flat ankle boots or embellished flat sandals.

Marie Claire magazine notes that it’s all about “patchouli and protest,” with Dior putting out lots of political slogan t-shirts, woven-rag knits and flat caps, and plenty of tie-dye to be found at multiple retailers.

Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets can be everything from sporty to feminine. While pink is often associated with spring and summer, a fluffy pink fleece jacket can pair well with a floral dress or an all-black outfit, or you might want to go for something in popular autumn shades like beige, rust, or orange.

Bright Sweaters with Flowing Sleeves

Fitting in with that boho chic, this year’s fall sweaters tend to be made up of comfy, chunky knits in bright colors like vibrant yellow, orangey reds or even a splash of neon, with flowing sleeves that widen at the wrist. Relaxed but not oversized sweaters with three-quarter sleeves are the hip thing for showing off multiple bracelets that are typically hidden in the fall and winter.

Animal Prints

Animal print seems to come and go, but this year’s approach is to make a more artsy interpretation of recognizable patterns such as abstracting zebra stripes. You can utilize this trend with a discreet accessory or go all out with a patterned dress or long jacket.

Accent Scarves

It doesn’t have to be cold out to wear a scarf. This year’s go-to fall accessory is the scarf that’s worn as a belt, tied to a ponytail or styled as a headband. Or, of course, you can wear it conventionally around your neck. Some dresses and blouses are even coming with built-in neck scarves, which means you won’t even have to think about which scarf to pair it with.


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