5 Things Healthy Couples Do

February 26, 2018

Relationships take work, people don’t stay together by accident. but here a few things healthy couples do.

  1. They make being happy a priority vs. being right. Let’s face it some of us like being right and this need ruins relationships. It just focuses on placing blame.
  2. They don’t play games or mind games. Guessing games, reading between the lines, and tests aren’t present. They don’t create drama, guess no jump to conclusions. They ask questions, and give straight answers. 
  3. They show appreciation on a micro level. They do and say little things all the time to show their love and appreciation. They don’t do grand gestures only all the time nor once in a while.
  4. They act as if they are always with their partners. Simple if it’s something (big or small) they’ll need to hide from their partner they won’t do it whether their partner is with them or not. Therefore there are no secrets and lies. 
  5. They don’t conform to outside pressures. They don’t let outsiders call the shots, they are not pressured by people in their relationship. AND They don’t let social media dictate their relationship. 

What do you think are other traits of a healthy relationships?


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