8 Signs He’s a Toxic Man

July 7, 2020

Identifying toxic and manipulative men is a key to not wasting years of your life with someone, developing self-esteem issues or worsening them, compromising and forsaking yourself, relinquishing your power, becoming conditioned to abuse, and more.

So here are 8 Signs He’s a Toxic Man:

  1. He assigns invalid emotions to you. He dismisses your emotions entirely or he’ll project his feelings on to you. He’ll accuse you of being in love with a close friend when in fact he has those feelings towards his friend.
  2. Only your mistakes are the prime focus. While his mistakes go unchecked and unaddressed. He needs you to be an image of perfection in spite of his horrible behavior.
  3. Gaslighting and Crazy-making. You start questioning yourself, you feel at fault when you know you’re not, you wonder if you’re being too sensitive and emotional all because of him. He denies evidence of is own wrongdoing when confronted, dismisses facts, and you’re to blame because you’re “sensitive” or “crazy”
  4. He expects you to play whatever role he sees fit. Your relationship can go from serious to casual, and you’ll be okay with it because he’s manipulated you into thinking that’s the only way he’ll be in your life.
  5. He is an Extreme Hypocrite. If he does it it’s fine, however, you need to remain an image of perfection.
  6. He lies. Big, small doesn’t matter he does it. He’ll have one made up before you confront him about anything. And if you find out he lied he’ll convince you it was for your own good.
  7. He needs to be the center of attention. Somehow your life is supposed to revolve around him. You should drop or change all plans for him, he won’t even give you the courtesy of proper notice. Your only role in life is to build him up and feed his ego.
  8. He rushed the relationship. He moved fast, told you he loved you weeks later, he focused on pinning you down. He made a lot of plans like trips in the future but they never happened.

Don’t be afraid to leave these relationships the moment you realize he’s toxic.


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