How I Maneuvered Through Tinder

July 18, 2018

If you remember my Tinder post; you’ll know I joined Tinder and I gave a few tips. So I am not some absolute pro at Online Dating, but bullshit is bullshit anywhere. I no longer have the app, I deleted it from my phone; and nothing bad happened that caused me to delete it by the way. I learned that multi-dating is not for me. I can only deal with one person at a time.

I 100% believe you should date around, I mean I went on like 2-4 dates a week at first and it just dwindled down to going out with the same few people repeatedly.

But here is How I Maneuvered Through Tinder

  1. I kept my profile pictures current. We live in a smart phone universe it is very easy for you to snap a recent photo.
  2. I kept my profile bio simple and fun. No long paragraphs, lists and requirements.
  3. I checked profiles fully before liking them. I checked the completeness.
  4. I asked people what they were looking for.
  5. I unmatched with people who turned out to be not for me.
  6. I told them necessary information (baggage) about myself only when it was the right time. Like when we met.
  7. I kept the text/chatting back and forth to a minimum of 2 weeks, I also didn’t press the issue of meeting, a guy better be able to tell me he wanted to meet. I didn’t want to have 200+ text messages back and forth with a person. If you’re dating you better have the time or leave people’s daughters alone!
  8. I avoided going on full blown dates with people. I opted for meets for walks in the parks, coffee shops etc. As much as I like free food I wasn’t about to sit on a date with a guy I didn’t like. I went on two dates right way, one of them was great and the other one OMG, I just wanted it to to be over. Wasted a good outfit and make up!

But that’s how I did Tinder.


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  • phicklephilly Can I just say… i am honored that you follow my site. I love your work. Your voice on wordpress sings.
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