Worst Dating/Relationship Advice I Have Heard

March 19, 2018

Have you ever received or heard relationship or dating advice and said WTF? It was just completely bad dating advice

So have  I’ve compiled a list of the one’s I’ve come across, because I was told or even saw it on Social Media. I won’t comment on them but I will just list them and use Giphy and Bitmoji to to react. Feel free to comment with your reaction.


  1. To Guys: “Don’t be too nice, act like a slight asshole and she will like you. If you’re too nice she will friend zone you. 
  2. If my husband and I get into a fight, don’t talk to him until he says something first or until one of us buys the other a gift.
  3. If he or she shares all the details of his/her day they are lying and trying to cover up something. 
  4. If his/her friends don’t talk to you he/she does not like you.
  5. If he’s too happy, he’d cheating. (I wasn’t planning on commenting but c’mon this is the type of advice that indirectly tells a person they’re not good enough to make someone happy) 
  6. If he starts grooming himself or if she starts dressing differently he/she is cheating 
  7. If your partner wants to have sex more often than usual he/she is cheating. 
  8. It’s important to make your partner constantly jealous. 

What incredibly dumb advice have you received or heard? 


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