13 Signs You’re Over Your Ex

August 30, 2018

So are you wondering if you’re truly over your ex? Well I can tell you over a month ago I had to have a heart to heart with myself to see if I was really over mine. So here are a few signs you’re over your ex:

  1. You are perfectly fine coming home to be by yourself. Honestly I was fine and happy about this the day I came home and my ex moved out.
  2. You see other couples without wanting to die on the inside. 
  3. Activities are no longer distractions, because you’re not thinking about your ex anymore. You do them for fun and enjoyment.
  4. You don’t feel like shit when you found out they were dating someone else. 
  5. You don’t hate them. You’re just indifferent and disinterested.
  6. You tell your ex you’re not interested in hanging out with them and you mean it.
  7. You probably blocked them too. Not out of hate but you just want nothing to do with them especially when they keep texting you, wanting a friendship. 
  8. You start looking for the right person instead of a rebound, attention and sexual pleasures.
  9. Being with someone else doesn’t make you feel bad nor does it feel wrong to you.
  10. You’re no longer terrified of loving someone. You’re open and willing to let someone else in. You believe in true love again, and you know that your ex wasn’t yours.
  11. But you’re also fine being single too.
  12. You’ve become real about what the relationship was and what it meant to you.
  13. You take responsibility for your part in the breakup. You don’t place blame.

Thank God I found the “Good” in Goodbye! 


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