Clever Ways to Save Money This Halloween

October 14, 2016
It’s that time a year again! Halloween! I have started celebrating Halloween when I migrated to America in 2010 and it’s pretty expensive depending on how serious you take it! I am providing a few ways to save money this Halloween both with costume ideas and going out.

Let’s get dressed!

  1. Yes. You can always make your own costume if you have the time, talent or great tutorial. 
  2. You can forget the costume and go overboard with makeup and face paint this can be done for under $20 depending on where you are. You can always check out Amazon for purchasing and YouTube for tutorials.
    Photo 2 and 3 are of my BFF Toni with amazing Halloween Make-Up
  3. Instead of buying an entire costume; purchase accessories like cat ears or bunny earsfangscrown, etc. and pair it with a simple cute outfit.
  4. In addition to item 2 &3 ; If you have a bridesmaids dress (They say you can wear them again but that doesn’t always apply) You can always add accessories such as a tiara and be a princess (You’re never to old to be a princess), dye it black or a dark color and be a witch, drench it in fake blood and dirt and be a zombie bridesmaid. The list goes on.     
  5. Dress as a celebrity such as a reality star that has something very distinctive about them like hairstyle, jewelry or the way they wear their make-up.
    In 2011 going to a last-minute Halloween Party I dressed as Danger the reality star. She was known for the tiger tattoo on her face, red lipstick , curly hair and interesting earrings. You’ll see that I am not her complexion but if you watched that show you’d be able to figure it out.
  6. Set a price limit and search online and in stores for a costume under that amount. 

Now it’s time to show off your costume and still save money

  1. Try to go to a friend’s event like a house party; chances are you’ll have to simply bring a bottle or a dish.
    2015 – Toni’s Halloween House Get Together – I had fun and I saved money. I also set a $30 costume limit.
  2. Look for Halloween events in your area that are budget friendly and possibly free (You should start searching now).
  3. Check out number 4 in this earlier post
If you have any cost cutting ideas feel free to share them!

I hope these ideas help you to

Save Money This Halloween

Now enjoy Halloween, Stay Safe and Save Money!


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