DIY UpCycled Doggy Bed

August 5, 2018

 So instead of buying Charlie a new bed I decided to make him a new one

DIY UpCycled Doggy Bed

Here’s the supplies and materials I used

  • Old Sheets
  • Old Drawer
  • Sewing Machine
  • Stuffing from Old Decorative cushions
  • Scissors
  • Glue + Glue Gun

What I did

  1. I removed all the excess screws, handles, sliders and front panel from the old draw.
  2. I measured the width of inside of the draw for the pillow insert. The length was based on Charlie’s size. 
  3. I then folded and cut the sheets and stitched three 1/2 of the sides leaving an opening. 
  4. After turning the fabric inside out I began stuffing the pillow with stuffing from the old cushions and evened it out.
  5. I then stitched the opening to seal the pillow.
  6. I then applied glue to the base of the drawer and placed the pillow insert inside.

Be sure to check out these sewing machines 

Charlie in his new bed


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