Easy D-I-Y Clip In Hair Extensions

December 2, 2017

Easy D-I-Y Clip In Hair Extensions

So I hate making my own clip ins. To make them in a way that lays flat but is still full usually requires a sewing machine and lace. And is pretty time consuming. Two things led me to experiment with how to create clip ins differently. 

  1. I recently moved and my sewing machine was in storage.
  2. I bought a synthetic blend of hair and I didn’t think I should spend time sewing it to lace either. I wasn’t going to wash it or wear it for an extended time. 

So I’ll stop blabbing and get on to making the clip ins. 

What you’ll need:

  • Wefted hair
  • Thread (close to color of your hair)
  • Needles
  • 5/8 of inch ribbon (close to color of your hair)
  • Weave bonding glue
  • Blow dryer 


  1. Use the ribbon to measure pieces against your head and cut. I have thin short hair and I used 6 pieces. Depending on the type of hair you purchased how thick the clip in pieces will be dependent on that. The diagram below shows how I placed my clip ins – I cut six pieces of ribbon.  
  2. Measure the hair extensions the length of the ribbon and cut. (You may use a weft sealer to reduce shedding) Depending on the weft type of the of the hair you’ll use 3-4 pieces per ribbon. 
  3. Apply Glue to the weft and then stick to the ribbon one weft above the other.  Use a blow dryer on cool to dry. Continue this process on each piece of ribbon. Use picture for reference 
  4. Once done and glue is dried apply clips on the reverse side of the ribbon. Use 3-4 clips for longer pieces. Use picture for reference 
  5. Clip in the extensions to your hair and enjoy your hair. Rearrange the clips for a side part, top knot or any other style you can think of. 


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