Girl! Get Over a Break Up Like a Boss

October 25, 2016

Break ups suck! (These apply to child less relationships, and the relationships you’d be an absolute idiot to re-enter. )

    1. Don’t immediately decide that you’re going to be friends and then start trying to be friends. The reality is one person wants a friendship and the other wants more so this is not ideal.
    2. Keep your distance. Stay away from him, his friends, family and his hangouts. Hopefully you don’t work together. If you’re able to take a 2 week vacation in a different country, do that. 
    3. Social Media Block Out – Remove this person from your social media accounts – block if necessary or you’ll find yourself social media stalking, observing this person and feeling sad. And if he cheated on you or moved on the next day; well prepare to see that new girl all over his accounts.
    4. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family – they will encourage you and boost your self-esteem and confidence.
    5. Engage in healthier coping habits, instead of drinking alcohol, start juicing, making smoothies or volunteering. Listen to happier, upbeat music, and watch comedies. 
    6. Delete his number; in case you get drunk or lose yourself temporarily – so you don’t drunk-text or call and sound pathetic or crazy.
    7. Do not stop yourself from crying. You need to allow yourself to mourn the loss of this person. And work through your feelings and emotions.
    8. Understand that it takes time to heal. Don’t force yourself to get over it – you’ll do more harm to yourself than good.
    9. Reorganize your things and do some cleaning. Cleaning can alleviate stress and also signify a new beginning to a new you.
    10. Throw out his shit. Remove or return his things to him (Return them via mail or have one of your friend take it.) Try to remove other painful memory triggers like gifts. 
    11. Avoid Rebound-mania! Don’t quickly jump into a new relationship. A new relationship will seem exciting and you’ll feel like this will help you get over the last one. If that new relationship doesn’t work out then you have to deal with the pain of two relationships. So give yourself some time please.
    12. Reflect on the relationship, and look at why you are better off without your ex and look into ways he may have been holding you back in life.
    13. Reinvent yourself – Change your makeup routine, Add some intensity to your workout, or even change your wardrobe. Focus more time on your career, making more money and your hobbies; read.
    14. Continue to love your fabulous self! 





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