Just A Few Days of Love

January 31, 2019

Hey Karioners!

Does Karioners work for you? Lol
Last Year I did 14 Days of Love, but this year I won’t be able too. However, I will give you a few Valentine’s Day and love-related posts.

I’ll post every other day so there will be about 6-7 posts. These posts are mostly in tune with my current life.
I live alone and I’m in a new relationship.

If I didn’t already share with you guys my relationship pretty much completely ended on the 14/15th last year. (That break-up was a long back and forth process)

Anyways I am still a sucker for the cuteness of Valentine’s, with the celebrating of love, and the effort people put into Valentine’s Day and the memories people create.

My boyfriend works weird schedules (I’m writing this post on Jan 4th. I have never been this prepared with blogging ever.

They’ll be some DIY stuff, gift ideas, date night ideas, special things to do for others, some self-care and of course I try to post for everyone!

So enjoy Just a Few Days of Love


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