Things To Expect When Online Dating

December 7, 2017

You’ve dated before in the past and your friends suggested you try online dating. So you start by setting up a profile but you have no idea how to do this nor what to expect. 

Here are some things to expect when online dating: 

  1. You’ll have to be able to describe yourself in so many words. 
  2. You’ll have to master finding the perfect profile picture. You’ll also realize that you are judged on that and only that. No one bothers to read the work you put into the first part. 
  3. You’re online profile works for you while you are busy living the rest of your life. Also you do have to go out much to meet people. 
  4. Cat-fishing is simply when people fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick or manipulate people into emotional/romantic relationships, usually over a long period of time. (A few of the points in the rest of this post will elaborate and show more forms of this)
  5. You will realize some suitors want to keep the relationship entirely online. They do not want to meet or or go on an actual date. 
  6. When you go out your nerves and anxiety are triple the amount as it would be when going out on a date with someone you’ve met in purpose before. You’ll be slightly nervous and anxious about the actual date and have twice the feelings wondering if this person is a serial killer or a totally different person.
  7. People won’t look anything close to the pictures online. They have used pictures that are 5+ years old. 
  8. Suitors may also be of entire different genders from what they claimed to be online.
  9. Suitors will seem different because you were actually talking to their friend or someone else on their behalf the entire time. (They probably won’t remember important facts about you)
  10. You may realize the connection you have with this person online is not as strong or even there in person. 
  11. You have to depend on the online dating service you’re using to match you with people you actually like and find attractive. So you pretty much have to hope that they do. 
  12. You may also have to pay to speak to these matches.
  13. You don’t need to get dressed up to “meet” people. You can hang out in your pj’s and no make up. 
  14. You are able to meet people you usually wouldn’t meet in your usual social circles and social activities


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