September is PCOS Awareness Month

September 3, 2018

Hey guys. So in an earlier post this year I shared with you that I was diagnosed with PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. And September is PCOS Awareness Month

Just a quick recap on what PCOS is; It considered a hormonal disorder. Some definitions state: A hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. – However despite the name, many women do not have cysts on their ovaries. You can read more about the details of PCOS here.

So I decided I’ll share and I guess update you on my journey. I’ll do a comparison between where I am now and how everything was the last few years, in regards to my health and reproductive system and then let you know the changes I have made to my life. 

The Comparisons

So let’s start with details from my annual physical – Last year I was pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure levels. This year in June – My blood work came back perfectly acceptable, my fasting sugar levels weren’t just “Okay” they were spectacular along with my cholesterol levels and blood pressure. 

My period frequency – For the last two years I have seen my period about a total of 3 times. However this year I can happily say it has been frequent and comes every month around the same time at a reasonable flow. 

My mood… My mood is better, I’m upbeat and more energetic. 

My weight. I am 7lbs lighter than I was last Thanksgiving. I am 231lbs. Yup just said my real weight. Though I physically aappear I have lost weight to people the numbers aren’t that drastic when it comes to my weight. I do plan to resume taking measurements vs the scale. 

And the last thing; My sex life. My actual desire to have sex with my partner. This has actually increased to a frightening level for me. (Not a nymphomaniac I only desire my boyfriend) Sex is more enjoyable, more orgasms and no discomfort and pain afterwards. 

What has changed?

So I made a few changes. Let’s start with food. I didn’t go on a specific diet like paleo, or keto. I am not against any of these diets but I realized its much easier for me to stick to something that is doable and I would like. I ordered in less, for me ordering food equalled making bad food choices so therefore I cut that down to perhaps once week or not at all. I tend to make healthier food, less carbs and calories when I cook because of how I shop in the grocery store. 

Workouts: I workout 2 days more than I used to a week before and more frequently, and I worked out with a trainer. 

I removed my IUD (Skyla) and started taking birth control pills (Ortho TriCyclen Lo)! This I believe this made a huge impact on a lot for me, It immediately changed my period frequency and in regards to my mood, and sex life it impacted it a lot.  Also I had my blood pressure checked 6 weeks after the removal and it perfectly fine was fine. My OBGYN suspected that the IUD was the cause of the high blood pressure and she was right. 

I live alone now. Hey might be the birth control pills, but living alone and being in a healthier romantic relationship has to have an impact on me not being depressed often. 

I plan on continuing to improve my eating and workouts. I am not currently trying to get pregnant and I am not worrying about that at this time. I will cross that bridge when I get there.

For the rest of the month I will be either sharing a meal/recipe I have made or a workout on each Monday!


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