Things Couples Let Their Partners Get Away With

August 15, 2018

We’re all guilty of letting our partners get away with things but your wont believe the things these couples let their partners get away with

Would you let this slide?
I wouldn’t let this slide.. losing a job is one thing but quitting just because is a no no. 
I have no words for this one…
She said EVERY TIME right?? Wow
This I don’t care about much, no one I’ve ever dated uses Facebook  or social media much though they have it much, currently my dad leaves heart eyes and likes on my social media pages and is my number one fan, and my bf takes the photos. (Oh yeah I have a boyfriend. lol) 
Hey! He might have!

But hey at the end of the day what you let your partner get away it’s up to you. If you’re happy then just be.


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