Dating Rules That Belong in the Trash

October 16, 2017

Too often we go by all these dating rules someone else crafted and we don’t even know why. Yes please have rules, limits and standards; these protect us, protect our hearts and some are there because of our religious and personal beliefs. BUT because this may have worked for others this doesn’t necessarily mean you should live by it or its even right for you. 

Here are some rules I believe are okay to break:

  1. Women should not ask a guy out on the first date. Definitely belongs in the trash, if you like him pull the trigger. If he can’t handle being asked out on a date or has a problem that you did then put him in the trash too. 
  2. Don’t Bring up exes. If the conversation leads to talking about your previous relationship, go ahead. Just don’t spend the entire time talking about your ex. 
  3. Don’t have sex on the first date. Wait for the 4th, 5th or whatever number. This belongs in the garbage. Sex should be had at the right time for you and the person you are dating. If you are ready,  you have connected on the first date or perhaps you just want to have sex… go ahead. If you want to wait until marriage.. do that. Do it when you’re ready and want to. Not when some unwritten rule said you should.
  4. Avoid Religion and Politics. Naaa. Have this conversation ASAP we really need to know who he voted for this past year and why. But really get it out the way; these are touchy subjects why delay the conversation and realize it wont work. 
  5. Don’t Talk about Future Goals, like Kids and Career. If you on a date for some free food and fun sure, avoid talking about future plans. But if you’re hoping for something long-term. Again, why wait? Don’t just bring it up out of no where, but if the conversation allows feel free to talk about your future plans and goals. 
  6. Women Should Never Pay for Dates. Well this may have been applicable and logical  in 1955 or something when women didn’t work, lived with their parents and waited for Mr. Right (my history might be way off on this but you get the point) Anyone can pay, or the check can be split. It depends on what you decide. 


Are there any other relationship rules you believe should be broken? Also if you believe a rule listed above should not be broken let me in the comments section below. 



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