Unpopular Opinions E.4

July 20, 2018

This episode of Unpopular Opinions may be a little risque. 

Unpopular Opinions Episode Four

I HATE Barbecues in Public Parks

First it’s hot and the darn barbecues just make it 10 times hotter, People always find it necessary to barbecue in the f**king area where it says no barbecuing. The park across my house stretches from 141st St to about 130th St and there are barbecue zones, but of course no one barbecues in those zones, with trash receptacles in close proximity. Mostly what is annoying is the food thrown everywhere after, makes it so difficult to walk Charlie, and walking him off leash is not even an option. 

A Big Penis Isn’t Better

What I mean by this is a big penis doesn’t mean sex would be great or even more pleasurable than and average one. I can admit that sex is like 87% emotional for me. Yeah I can admit this in 2018, because apparently not being able to separate sex from your feelings these days apparently means you’re weak or something. However like no matter what you have or do if I am not having orgasm if I’m not emotionally into you. Yup just straight dessert dry sex. Then there are people who just don’t know how to use the 9-10 inches god blessed them with. So seriously bragging about how huge your dick is means nothing to me!

The Term of “Age Appropriate Dating” is Horseshit

Why should I have to date someone near my age? Pfftt. That’s not happening. If we get along and we are for each other that’s it. I don’t care if you were in junior high when I was in kindergarten. We’re both consenting adults now. 

You Can Wear Whatever Color Eye-shadow You Want

Apparently some people think certain eye-shadow colors are for only certain skin tones. Sis wear whatever colors you want and don’t forget to blend!

 Yeah I’m working on my eye-shadow and make-up skills. lol


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  • musanjufubenjaminkavubu humans will always go against simple instructions that’s why may be they barbecues in those zones, the heat is a general problem for earthlings
    July 27, 2018 at 7:46 AM Reply
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