Unpopular Opinions E.8

September 7, 2018

Round 8 of Unpopular Opinions is here!

Monogamy is okay. 

Okay, for some reason people find it necessary to say monogamy is not natural to excuse cheating. Which is find to be absolute trash, there are people out there who actually want to be monogamous. People don’t cheat because “monogamy isn’t natural” matter of fact a guy could be in a polygamous relationship with 3 women and still cheat on all 3 with someone else. 

Women should be allowed to Breastfeed wherever. 

Even in church! If you’re sexualizing a baby being nourished or you find it indecent something is wrong with you.

Deleting Messages so Your Partner won’t see is Cheating

So if you have to delete messages or conversations so your partner won’t see (and get upset) you’re already cheating.

Staying with Someone after they Cheat Doesn’t Mean You’re Strong

The courage to leave does especially because you’re venturing into a new unknown. Youu might not be as financially secure as before, or even live as comfortably you did after leaving. You can forgive without staying.


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