How to Know if You’re a Rebound Girl

October 13, 2017

For some people their idea of getting over a break up is getting into a new relationship to get over it. Who gets hurt? The other person. 

How to Know if You’re a Rebound Girl:

  1. The most obvious is he is recently out of a relationship. Pay attention to some facts like if this previous relationship was long-term, it as the love of his life and the details of the break up. Might not even be a break up but a break between them.
  2. He is more interested in you physically, just all about sex and doesn’t make much of an effort to get to know you.
  3. He complains or brings up his ex a lot.  Keeps saying he hates her. He’s obviously not over her. 
  4. He compares you to his ex. If may come in the form of a compliment to you, but he is comparing it to his ex. The feeling of being measured against some invisible ruler.
  5. He is eager to take your relationship to the next level and is in love with you for no reason at all. You’ve just met and he’s already making plans to have you move in or move in. They want to act like it’s a long time relationship even though you just started dating.
  6. It may also be the opposite, The relationship is going fast but not really moving anywhere. The commitment is just not there.


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