How to Resolve a Conflict at Work

August 9, 2017

Work conflicts. Ugh. 

  1. Acknowledge there is a conflict. Admit that there is a problem, it’s not your fault because you’re always right and the other person or people need to fix it.
  2. Define the problem. Let them know everything they did or are doing incorrectly. Be sure to point how that you’re perfect and they should strive to do everything like you.
  3. Focus on the person and not so much the problem. The problem wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for that person. After all if it was your job to handle the situation, there would be no problem 
  4. Let the conflict simmer and build up. You need to have a lot of information of the other person’s wrong doings so you can point it out. Telling them too early can possibly give them a chance to fix it and no one wants that. 
  5. Don’t try to be the bigger person by bringing up the situation to them first. Let them come to you, you’ll have enough ammo to lay on them.
  6. When they do come to speak to you be sure to have a hurried conversation probably start walking to the coffee machine or restroom so the conversation doesn’t go on. Make sure you do most of the talking. 
  7. Do not listen to anything the other person has to say. It won’t make sense and it’s probably wrong. 
  8. Come up with a plan to resolve. This plan should be 98% of what you want and avoid having human resources involved. 


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