Road Trip Tech Tips

February 24, 2019

Ok.. So I went on my road trip last December so now I’m a pro. lol. I hope to go on a bunch more roadtrips though. Here are some tech tips for your next road trip

Six Road Trip Tech Tips

  1. Get a mount for your phone if your car is not equipped with a mount or a space you can see your phone AND keep it in place.
  2. Install a driving app. Andrioid Auto and Apple Car Play are my go tos… I don’t drive but I do take over my boyfriends car.
  3. Keep a Powerbank. You can rely on your cars plug, usb port or the ciggarette liter charger. But if it is not located in a place where you can have your phone mounted definitely get a powerbank.
  4. Download Multiple Mapping Apps, apart from your phones native app and your cars GPS have a few other options. Things stop working from time to time.
  5. Avoid Using Public wifi for accessing sensitive information. protect yourself. Hackers thrive on public wifi
  6. Upgrade your phone plan if necessary for unlimited data.

Are you planning a road trip? Please share I definitely want to ideas for my next road trip. Let me know where you plan to eat, what sites you plan to see and great places to take pictures. Feel free to check out my last road trip post. Also please feel free to share any of your road trip tech tips or your road trip tips in general.


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