What I Ate This Week E.10

January 14, 2018

Hey Guys I started documenting what I ate on Saturday so this post will be a bit longer. I hope to keep this momentum up.

Here’s what I ate!


I really enjoyed this salad kit by Eat Smart it is the Spiced Harvest kind. (Not Sponsored) I got it at Sam’s.

I then had half of a burger with goat cheese and onions.


I incorporated leftover Sweet Potatoes into my Brunch. This was Post Workout and Pre Hiking.


So at this point I asked my boyfriend to refrain from bringing me home Black Tap Burgers but instead bring one of their amazing salads. The good note is even after eating this meal below I was still in a caloric deficit.

Monday – Meatless Monday!!!

So I decided I’ll start doing Meatless Monday again! He’s some of what I had

Peach, Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry Smoothie

Black Bean Burger with a Side Salad


Lasagna – Wanted to do Taco Tuesday but I didn’t get the chance to leave home.

Pictures taken have been lost due to connectivity issues between JetPack and my host Inmotion. 


Had a burger at Connolly’s while Charlie was at the hospital getting surgery. Rough Friday.

Then went to Harlem Tavern later that night.


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